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Typical ex-pat Europhile Brit divorcee banking project manager culture junkie and novelist.


Born in the UK in 1965.

Past and present occupations include, in chronological order : tomato-picker; Harrods salesman (men's shoes); recruitment consultant; IT consultant in the UK; IT consultant in the South of France; various roles in an American and a British bank; writer; various roles in a French and now a Swiss bank.

I try to maintain a complete separation, wherever possible, between my professional and personal lives. Only one of the above occupations is likely to have any bearing on the content of this site. (Hint : it involved neither tomatoes nor shoes).

Past and present homes include, more or less in chronological order : London, Essex, Oxford; the deepest South-West of France; Oxford and London again; Montpellier, France; London again; Geneva, Switzerland (with a 6-month stint in New York); London; Vienna, Austria; London; and Geneva again.

I have no plans to move in the near future.

My son was born in 1993, lives very happily with my ex-wife in England, and is the principal subject of an entirely separate blog.


Very much interested in : passionate people, good writing, interesting music, original film-making and theatre, language, travel, skiing, cricket, PES4, extremes of emotion. Utterly uninterested in : people who say they are bored, bad writing, dull music, tired remakes and revivals, horse racing, Formula One, paintball, the banal and the mundane. Totally disinterested as far as the following are concerned : Yankees vs. Redsox, Gooners vs. Man U, Blair vs. Brown.