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October 25, 2004


The Principal

This is all coming along very nicely. I like the style and the variety and it is most amusing to see our family filtered through such an entertaining filter. It's all very easy to move around in. Dad and I can't locate the www version though. Any hints?

This rose would definitely like another moniker (is that how you spell it?)though; Grandma G is all very well in house but in print it just evokes a grey bun and floral frocks AND I AM NOT READY FOR THAT YET!

Incidentally the latest on the Lovebirds' accommodation problems is that they have found a fab flat to rent for the duration and are going ahead with the sale to their long-suffering buyer. The rented flat will give them more space and less pressure to close a deal when they get up enough courage to essay the property market again. Interesting sideline on the loss of their last property, by the way. It seems the woman did want to sell to them - was desperate in fact - but the house has been sequestered or some such legal jargon on suspicion of money laundering! A fascinating story in there somewhere if we only knew it all.

God, I've just thought. I don't know how these things work. Will these comments be on public view? I'm not sure they are literate enough for your standards but never mind. We web virgins have got to start somewhere. Here goes. I'll press the button anyway. Perhaps I'll stick to e-mails in future!

The Recluse

Never mind the mind the von's and the de's, you should be proud that recent research shows that one of your distant (in terms of time) forebears is described on her marriage certificate as a starch packer (some early form of Viagra?) and signed her name with a X. More embarrassments about these illustrious people anon.

PS: an appropriate reference for me might be The Recluse


I am slightly disappointed that you have not posted your news regarding our nuptials next summer? We are so happy you were so happy to be our B. man, perhaps some reflections are due???!!!! And maybe you are due a new name to reflect that!
Love from the Lovebirds
p.s. really enjoying reading this website!!! keep it up!

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