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October 31, 2004


The Fool on the Hill

Lazy as I am, I tend not to comment, but as I had the opportunity to ease the PO's mind on this particular conundrum I thought I would break through my usual timidity and post.

I was fairly certain that the correct French term was "Farces ou Friandises", but just to make sure I turned to two consultants who have plenty of previous experience in terrorising French speaking neighbourhoods in return for sweets. I am told (and this has cost me a good amount of the "friandise") that the correct incantation is "Friandise ou Bétise", which does have certain ring to it.


The Paternal Optimist

Many thanks, FOTH - mystery solved. Knowing the two consultants to whom you refer, I have no doubt concerning the accuracy of the information you have provided. Though I trust that at this late hour they are safely tucked up in bed and not out terrorising the neighbourhood.



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