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October 26, 2004


Tom Hoskins

B W showed this to me when he came round to my house. He is going to kill me now I've sent this!

The Paternal Optimist

On the contrary, Mr. Hoskins. I have already arranged with your mother to have a copy of your school report sent to me, and she has also very kindly supplied me with a list of nicknames that your family used to refer to you when you were very small, not to mention some very amusing and embarrassing anecdotes in which you play a central rĂ´le. So the BW has no reason to kill you at all - he merely needs to give me the nod and life could begin to become very uncomfortable for you...

Of course, I may not post everything your mother has sent me. For the time being, at least. It's really up to you...

The PO

Tom Hoskins

yeah yeah yeah


http://www.orbitzandgo.com/football has an extremely addictive game including penalty shots using a folded piece of paper!

P.S I know it sounds rather primitive but maybe I've been off school too long!

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