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October 20, 2005


American Cousin the Elder

The libel posted by the PO 8 months ago concerning the ineptitude of the American Cousin's technological abilities has finally made it through the static and we now find ourselves in a position of the deapest mortification. To that end the FA has requested that we be given a tutorial in blogging including an accurate list of our blog names. Upon receipt of said instructions you will forth width be beseiged by blogs. Beware the wrath of scorned American Cousins!!

Favourite Aunt

Is the rumour that the Surfer Dude is to visit Champaign true or merely a hoax to coax us into the ether? Sorry about the potatoes.


Fighting talk from the Cousin formerly known as the American Cousin the Elder, huh ?

Well, I'm up for it. You'll find the full list of monikers here :


Of course, if you want to change your handle, as it were, the PO is always open to suggestions, though those currently in use were ratified by the Nomenclature Committee.

While you're about it, you may want to check out the Miscellanea category and bone up on the Rules Of The PO. I'm sure this blog's many readers look forward "width" bated breath to hearing from you...

MFA, I'll have to let the Dude himself get back to you on that one, but it doesn't seem totally implausible to me...

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